Highest number of national titles


Highest number of consecutive titles


Highest margin in a league win

7th of December 1988: 11-0 vs. Corvinul Hunedoara

Highest margin in a home win in the league

7th of december 1988: 11-0 vs. Corvinul Hunedoara

Highest margin in an away win in the league

10th of April 1955: 9-1 vs. Avantul Reghin
6th of May 1956: 8-0 vs. Dinamo Bacau

Lowest number of goals conceded in a season

16, in the 2005/06 season, an average of 0.53/game

The player with the highest number of games in the league

Tudorel Stoica: 368 games in 14 seasons

The player with the highest number of goals scored

Anghel Iordanescu: 146 goals in 14 seasons

Longest streak of games without defeat

104 games, from June 1986 to September 1989, a number which is also the european record

Longest streak of games without defeat on home ground

112 games, from November 1989 to August 1996

Longest streak of games won


Highest number of Romanian Cups


Highest margin of a win in the Romanian Cup

10th of June 1964: 12-0 vs CIL Blaj

Highest margin in a win away in the Romanian Cup

27th of June 1951: 9-0 vs CSM Locomotiva Galati

Highest number of Romanian Supercups


Highest margin of a win

9th of September 1998: 4-0 vs Rapid

Highest win in the European Cups

3rd of October 1979: 6-0 vs BSC Young Boys, in the Cup Winners Cup

Highest margin in an away win in the European Cups

7th of September 1988: 5-1 vs Sparta Prague

Youngest scorer in the European Cups

2nd of August 2006: Razvan Ochirosii - 17 years and 5 months, vs ND Gorica

Thirteen players won fifteen times the top goalscorer award in Romania

1956 Ion Alecsandrescu 18 goals
1959-60 Gheorghe Constantin 20 goals
1960-61 Gheorghe Constantin 22 goals
1961-62 Gheorghe Constantin 24 goals
1963-64 Cornel Pavlovici 19 goals
1970-71 Gheorghe Tataru 15 goals
1981-82 Anghel Iordanescu 20 goals
1987-88 Victor Piturca 34 goals
1989-90 Gavril Balint 19 goals
1992-93 Ilie Dumitrescu 24 goals
1995-96 Ion Vladoiu 25 goals
1996-97 Sabin Ilie 31 goals
2002-03 Claudiu Raducanu 21 goals

Eight players which won nine times the "Best player of the year" award, trophy given by the "Gazeta Sporturilor" newspaper

1973 Ion Dumitru
1975 Ion Dumitru
1979 Stefan Sames
1980 Marcel Raducanu
1986 Helmuth Duckadam
1987 Gheorghe Hagi
2006 Nicolae Dica

Gheorghe Hagi was the top goalscorer of the European Champions Cup with 4 goals in the 1987-1988 edition

Victor Piturca won the "Bronze boot" award in the 1987-1988 season, a trophy awarded to the best goalscorers in Europe.

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