Ticketing - regulations
Regulations regarding to the compliance with order, discipline and suitable behaviour of the spectators at football games taking place on the home ground
Inside the stadium and its Annexes the following rules of procedure shall apply, carried out in accordance with Law no. 4 / 2008 on preventing and combating violence at sports games and competitions and republished nr.60/1991 Law on organization and holding of public gatherings and nr.61/1991 Law on sanctioning violations of norms of social coexistence, order and peace.

(1) Spectators are required to strictly comply with measures established by the organizers and the police, the travel routes to / from places of sports competitions and games, near and inside of sports facilities.
(2) At the request of law enforcement personnel or order and safety personnel, spectators are required to present access documents and, where appropriate, identity documents.
(3) Spectators are required to submit, at the request of law enforcement personnel or order and safety personnel, visual advertising materials that they have in posession.
(4) Inside the sports arena, the spectators are bound by the order, safety and rules established by the organizer.
(5) The spectator that refuses to the physical summary and baggage control, performed by order and safety personnel, or who commits, before entering the sports arena, or when entering, criminal acts or of contraventional nature in connection with the competition sport or the respective game are not allowed access to the sports arena.
(6) It is forbidden to organize or participate in counter-demonstrations at the same location and time as public events, regardless of their mode of expression;

Spectators are forbidden:
1) from entering or attempting to enter inside the sports ground or, depending on the case, sports arena without proper access documents or by violating the legal rules of access set by the organizer;
2) to use, in order to enter inside the sports arena, individual access documents that do not belong to them and which, according to rules set by the organizer may be used only by the owner;
3) from entering under the influence of alcohol and from drinking alcohol in the sports arena; 4) from introducing or attempting to introduce alcoholic drinks into the sport arena;
5) from introducing in the sport arena inscriptions, emblems, posters, banners, posters, flags or other supports that contain symbols, slogans, obscene images or texts with obscene character;
6) to refuse the presentation of access documents and, where appropriate, identity papers, at the justified request of law enforcement personnel or safety personnel;
7) to refuse obedience to carry out preventive body control and luggage checks by the safety personnel;
8) to take another seat than the one written on the access documents, followed by their refusal to free this place at verbal warnings of the representatives of the special protection and security company or law enforcement;
9) to throw at the other spectators, the officials or players, or towards the law enforcement personnel and security staff, towards movable property situated inside the sports arena, and in the direction of the playing surface with objects of any kind or with corrosive substances or that stain;
10) to climb the fences that delimit the playing area or interior fences separating the sectors;
11) to climb the fence that separates the stand from the playing space;
12) to enter the playing area, except in cases of force majeure;
13) to commit offenses, acts or obscene gestures, to utter or shout insults, offensive or vulgar words or phrases, as well as threats of violence against other people, officials, players or their property;
14) to utter or to shout insults, offensive or vulgar words or phrases to the law enforcement personnel or order and safety personnel;
15) to threaten with violence the police, other law enforcement personnel and safety personnel;
16) to hide their face with clothing or other accessories, with the intention of preventing identification;
17) to write or draw on the walls of buildings, fences or other objects placed in the sport facility or the sports arena;
18) to remove or destroy adverts, ads and posters displayed by the organizer inside the facility or the sports arena, and to deteriorate, to lift or move signs or signs placed by the organizer to facilitate access to the arena or those who signal the existence of a danger to the lives of people;
19) to lift or move, without right, barriers, fences or other obstacles placed by the organizer or by the police in the purpose of defining the stand sectors, or to separate groups of supporters and the playing area from the stands, including those placed temporary;
20) to place logos, posters, banners, posters, flags or other visual means of advertising in other places than those set by the organizer,
21) to not follow the rules set by the organizer regarding the movement of spectators inside the sports arena;
22) to disrespect the policy measures taken by the organizer or the commander of the law enforcement personnel, in case of disasters, natural disaster or other hazards;
23) to refuse to immediately leave the sports arena, if the measure was imposed by an evacuation order given by the safety personnel or by the police.
24) access of the spectators is done only through the gates indicated on the ticket
25) spectators are asked to take their place in the sector and row indicated on the ticket
26) spectators are asked to come to the stadium as soon as the gates are opened to avoid congestion
27) spectators are asked to purchase tickets from the first day they are on sale. The program of ticket offices is permanently displayed on the official website and at the ticket offices.
28) access to the South Goal Stand will be made only from the Main Stand II area.
30) to refrain from actions that prevent the normal development of public meetings and not to incite such actions through speech, manifest or other audiovisual means.
31) it is prohibited for individuals or groups of persons not connected with the organized sporting manifestation, to infiltrate among spectators in order to disrupt their normal development.
32) On the Steaua Stadium, spectators are FORBIDDEN to enter the with following items and in the following situations: a) with any kind of pyrotechnics (fireworks, flares, smoke, etc.) b) alcohol c) under the influence of alcohol d) containers with water or soft drinks of any kind (glass, PET, cardboard boxes) e) weapons (knives, screwdrivers, sharp metals, locks, etc.) f) with coins, lighters, umbrellas, bundles of keys, more key chains, etc. g) with plastic flags with sticks with a diameter greater than 16 mm h) propaganda inciting to: denigrating the country, xenophobia, hatred, racial, class or religion, and discrimination of any kind public violence i) Handycam filming cameras.
If there are people who, in ignorance of the rules established, will come to the stadium with prohibited items, they will be deposited in a specially arranged space and recovered at the end of the game, based on bills issued by the club.
Organizer reserves the right to register and conduct video surveillance of persons inside the stadium and its annexes.
The organizer is obliged to take action to remove participants who, through their expressions, are disturbing public order and peace, and when they are not complying, to be reported to the police.
The organizer has the legal obligation under Art. 10 section 1 and 2 of Law no. 4 / 2008 to prohibit access to the inside of the stadium and its annexes to turbulent, or potentially turbulent persons or persons who were denied access to games or sporting competitions, whose identity data have been reported, according to law by competent authorities, persons who are under the influence of alcohol or hallucinogenic substances, and persons who have in their possession alcohol, torches, flares, fireworks, firecrackers, explosives, fire or smoke, toxic substances, hallucinogens, irritating tear or stun, glass, sharp objects, knives, daggers or other such items produced or made specifically for cutting, poking, hitting or actions that can be used for disturbance of public order or which may give rise to acts of violence, those who have committed offenses, acts or obscene gestures, uttered or chanted insults, vulgar words or offensive language, threats and violence against other people, officials, players or their property, uttered and shouted insults, uttered offensive or vulgar words or phrases to the police or security personnel.

Violation of this regulation draws as appropriate, civil responsibility, disciplinary or criminal in accordance with the law. Finding facts of civil, criminal or disciplinary nature is the job of the law enforcement personnel, the organizer and the security company, punishment for these actions being made by the authorized bodies.

According to Art. 11, par. 1, the Government Decision no. 116/2002 approving the Regulation on organization and operation of Bucharest Action Committee against Violence in Sport, the committee aims, in particular the implementation of the provisions set out in point a) - m). Denial of access to sporting facilities in the potentially turbulent and those persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs is exclusive obligation of the organizer of sporting events.
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