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This is the only official website of F.C. Steaua Bucharest (FCS). The entire content of this site, including, without limits the text, graphics, logos, buttons, icons and images are property of FCS, associates or partners and are protected by Romanian and international legislation.

The content of this website can be used or copied only for personal use, not commercial. Using the materials contained by this website on any other website is strictly prohibited. With the exception of things guaranteed here, users do not have license right or any other rights under the right to copy, trade mark, patent or other rights of intellectual property in material, products, services or technology described here. All these rights belong to FCS, associates and partners, in case.

The services are offered by FCS only to persons who are in complete agreement with the terms and conditions written here. Using FCS services requires total accept of terms and conditions under which these services are provided. The terms and conditions of these services can be changed in any moment by the provider, without further notice to the user. The user will have permanent access to the terms and conditions of using the services to be able to consult them in any moment. In the case that the user doesn't agree with the conditions required, he should stop using FCS services.

The SteauaFC.com website offers all internet users a series of online services, communication methods, discussion forums, information and news. All the services provided by FCS are subject to this using agreement. FCS doesn't take any responsibility in case some information is provided late, it is lost, erased or can't be saved on our servers for some reason. Also, FCS doesn't take any responsibility for the consequences which might appear in case of delay, erase or inexact published information or existent on the site. As a user, you will use the information provided by FCS on your own responsibility, and in the case of a damage generated by the using of the services or information provided by FCS, you agree that you won't sue the company.

The user has the obligation to provide real and correct information regarding his person when this information is required to create an account for an e-mail or personalizing the services on this website. In the case where FCS has reasons to suspect that this information is not real, it reserves the right to restrict the access of the user to any of the services that are provided. Restricting the access can mean the account being erased and all the information that is contained, erasing defined options and banning access to FCS services. Also, the user assumes full civil and penal responsibility for the information that he is sending or publishing through FCS services. Football Club Steaua has no legal responsibility regarding the information published or sent on the internet by website users. In extension, you are responsible to bear the damages which can be provoked by a third party (authorized by you to use your account on SteauaFC.com).

FCS reserves the right to use collected data from users to improve own services. FCS ensures the users that it will not make public the e-mail addresses or personal data to third parties, only in the case when this action is requested in the under the laws of the Romanian State. Also, FCS reserves the right to make public this data under the form of statistics, to show the profile of the users. In the case of the FanSteaua Mail service, FCS understands to respect that correspondence is a private action between the user and the recipient. FCS will respect the privacy of the personal messages of the user.
At the express request of some Romanian State authorities (as the Police, Prosecution or other authorities) FCS reserves the right to provide them all the data that are owned regarding a certain user and also the activities that this user made through the website.

After filling the registration folder for any of the services, the user will receive an account and a password for using the services. The user is entirely responsible for the maintaining privacy over the account/e-mail address name and the associated password. Also, the user is entirely responsible of all the activities and information broadcasted from the account or e-mail address which was allocated. In case of unauthorized access of the account/e-mail address of third parties, from any reason, FCS holds no responsibility over the consequences that might appear.
FCS gives its best so that FanSteaua.ro can function without errors and at full capacity. In any situation, FCS cannot be made responsible for any malfunction, error or any cost, economical loss of dates or any other type that can appear from the way you can use or you can't use the service we provide.
FCS can't control the information sent through the offered service, therefore, it can't be held responsible for any damage made by the transferred information in and towards your account at FanSteaua.RO and SteauaFC.com.
The interest that you take in promotions, other services, and also commercial services doesn't involve in any way the FCS company except if this thing is clearly specified on the SteauaFC.com website. Any loss or suffered damage as a result of your interaction with any of these third parties, can't be imputed to FCS.

Rules related to the use of the E-Mail account at FanSteaua.ro: The user agrees not to send through the e-mail unwanted messages like SPAM to any other internet user. The user agrees not to send through the e-mail messages with injurious, obscene, anti-social or anti-Semite character which might provoke violence. The user agrees not to send through the e-mail messages which might bother the recipient with any reason.

Football Club Steaua is expressing in an explicit way the declining of any guarantee that a user can invoke after using FCS services. Football Club Steaua doesn't offer any user guarantee referring to the availability of the services, the accuracy of the published information or the security of its services. Also, Football Club Steaua doesn't offer any guarantee in the case of any consequences that might appear, caused by the downtime of FCS services, delay of information or application security.

FCS reserves the right to modify in any moment the contents of this agreement, without a further notice to the user. Also, FCS reserves the right to stop providing services to any user, in case he broke one of the conditions mentioned here. In extreme cases, FCS reserves the right to stop in any moment the providing of services.
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